The start of a new project

Hey everyone. My name is Micks and I am the youngest needlepointer I know. Not that I’m particularly young or anything, but I rarely go into a needlepoint store and see another pre-menopausal woman (not to even mention the lack of testosterone…).

I started reading blogs almost a year ago when my friend Hil told me about her wonderful food blog. Since then, I have been a silent reader of many food blogs, fascinated by the wonderful recipes that the bloggers contribute as well as a glimpse into the lives of others who have different hobbies and interests than me. In the fall, Hil let me guest-post on her blog and it was quite a thrill. It was fun for me to share a part of my life with her wonderful readership. I have been toying with the idea of starting my own blog since then, but I simply don’t think a food blog is for me. I’m the kind of kid who can eat the same thing for lunch for 12 years straight (and I did…turkey and white american cheese sandwiches from 2nd grade to jr year of college).

Finally, it dawned on me that although I entered the blogworld as a reader of food blogs, it’s okay if I want to make a slight left turn from the typical food blog. Thus, MickStitch was born. In this blog, my goal is to share fun recipes (see, only a slight left turn) and also share my passion for needlepoint.

My current plan is to share with you all a different needlepoint I have created every few days. We’ll see how the blog evolves from there!

One Response to The start of a new project

  1. Hil says:

    First comment! Congratulations on your new blog–I can’t want to read more.

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