7 hours later

So, today I stiched for about 7 hours. Now, I know that everyone’s first reaction to that must be “wow, this girl has no life.” And while I won’t contest that statement, I must offer a weak excuse — it’s spring break!!!!! I won’t have the time to do this again for a looooong time.

Today, I started the day with a delicious breakfast of leftover kugel from last night’s Passover celebration at my Aunt’s house. After breakfast, I went over to my grandmothers to drop off some leftovers for her. She is recovering from bronchitis, so she missed the family gathering last night. I stopped by the Crate & Barrel outlet on my way home. It’s probably a good thing that the outlet is closer to my grandmother than me — I could spend hours there!

Lunch was an openface matzoh grilled cheese and a raspberry smoothie. My smoothie making skills are definitely a work in progress, as I just got a blender on Monday. I used only frozen raspberries and yogurt, so the smoothie was far too thick. Next time I need to add ice or some fruit juice. Maybe both?

After lunch, I settled into my couch to catch up on my Yankee games. Since I was out last night, I had last night’s game and this afternoon’s game to watch. I had also found this amazing design that I was inspired to stitch. The pattern can be found here. I started stitching at 1:30, and with a break for dinner (leftover brisket on top of cauliflower, a large apple, and a piece of chocolate), I finally finished Part 1 at 8:30 tonight. Wow, that was a long stitching session. I know it’s supposed to be a common past-time for grandmothers, but boy are my shoulders sore!!!! However, I’m very excited about how it’s looking so far.


An astute reader may point out to me that this is not a Needlepoint. I know…this is actually the first cross-stitch I have ever done other than bookmarks. However, I had all of the materials on hand and the design called for cross-stitch, so I figured I’d go for it! I usually shy away from cross-stitch because I don’t find counting to be fun at all, but this was a lot of fun to stitch 🙂 I can’t wait to finish, but I don’t know if I can (or should) sit for another 7 hours tomorrow.

One Response to 7 hours later

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi Micki,

    Yes, I’m working from the beginning of your blog to the end.

    Don’t sit for 7 hours straight unless you get up and really stretch every once in a while. You can develop some joint problems later in life. Move around!

    Laura’s designs are fabulous. If you haven’t yet, pick up one or two of her needlepoint designs. Just terrific!

    Windy Meadow

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