Hearts :-)

Being a Valentine’s Day baby, I have always had a fondness for hearts. I can’t explain exactly why, but it might have something to do with the fact that as a child, I thought the whole world was celebrating my birthday. So, in this installment, I will share with you two heart needlepoints I completed a few years ago.


This piece I did as part of the first class I ever took. This was actually the first time I learned about stitches other than the traditional continental. I promise a post about this later, but I learned to needlepoint from my grandmother. Though a talented stitcher, she never strayed from the continental stitch, so I didn’t even know that others existed when I started to needlepoint.


This class focused on Shadow Stitching, which are stitches that allow the underlying canvas to show through. As you can see in this piece, the dragon, and the city, shadow stitches can really enhance a painted canvas when different colors blend together. A single color shadow stitch can look very different over the different shades of the painted canvas.This piece used a different shadow stitch for each heart. In addition, the background was a repeated pattern of hearts. I chose to stitch the hearts alternating between one thread and two. It creates a very subtle intricacy to the background.

Through a little detective work, I discovered that the book we used to get the stitches can be found here.


The other heart piece is one I found on sale at the store and absolutely fell in love with!

This one shows off how different threads and bring a piece to life (and it was also my first time working with beads!)


The top half of the heart is stitched in Splendor silk, with BEADS! The bottom red is Very Velvet, and the white is a shiny ribbon-ish thread that was a pain to work with but gives of an unbeleiveable shine! The love is in another ribbon-y thread, but this time with a metallic wave going through.

My hardest decision with this piece was how to do the area surrounding the heart. I didn’t want to do continental – BORING. I thought about using the heart background in my other piece, but I thought that would be too much. I couldn’t think of a suitable large stitch, so I finally settles on leaving it bare, then adding a border in the Splendor. I love the way the large black mat and silver frame add a dramatic effect to central heart.

Happy 2-months after Valentine’s Day everyone. Only 10 months until my next birthday (AHHHH!)

One Response to Hearts :-)

  1. Judy Harper says:

    I love lopsided hearts – and also beads. Beads are a staple of life at my house for needlepoint. Cute baby boat, too. I like your blog – I hadn’t seen it before.

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