Noni’s Needlepoint Part 1

As I’ve mentioned before, my grandmother, Noni, was the one who taught me to needlepoint. Some of my strongest memories of my grandmother and me from when I was little are of sitting at her feet while she stitched fabulous works. I was always amazed at her patience and how beautiful the final pieces were.

Her entire house was decorated in her needlepoints, and they were all stunning. She stitched only in a continental stitch, and rarely used anything other than perl cotton. She loved Asian-inspired designs, but stitched a wide variety of styles. I have a catalogue of all of her pieces that I will share with you eventually, but in this post I want to share with you a piece we did together.

Several years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She and my grandfather lived in Florida for a few years, and her disease progressed more rapidly than most. Finally, the family all decided that everyone would be better off if my grandparents moved back near the family in NJ. When they were packing up the Florida house, my dad and his brother found 2 unfinished needlepoints that my grandmother had purchased. One she had started, the other she had not even bought the threads for yet. As the only stitcher in the family, I inherited these pieces was very honored to be able to complete them for my grandmother.


Before she became to sick to continue, my grandmother stitched almost all of the flowers and leaves. I finished the instruments and sheet music for her, and added the background. My grandmother always stitched her initials into the pieces she completed, so in this one I stitched both her initials (CK) and mine (MK) onto the music.

My grandfather was so touched by this piece, that he wanted it hung above his bed. It stayed there until he passed away. It now hangs above my grandmothers bed. I am happy every time I see it hanging in her room because I know it’s something special that we were able to do together.

The other piece my grandmother and I made “together” I will share with you another time. I have to wait to post about it because I don’t have a quality picture of it framed yet, but I promist I will share it soon.

One Response to Noni’s Needlepoint Part 1

  1. Janet Perry says:

    I found a piece done by my Grandmother, who also taught me to stitch, when we were cleaning out her house after my grandfather died.

    It was a pre-worked piece and only had a strip of background to do. I finished it and it is on an antique rocking chair.

    My Grandmother also only did Continental, but I think this was the only needlepoint she did, she was much better at sewing, knitting, and crochet.

    Keep Stitching,

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