Baby Boat!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I had a VERY busy week at work last week. I’m a special education teacher, working in early intervention (with children under the age of three). My school has a fantastic program that provides both center-based therapy as well as twice weekly home visits. This means that twice a week after school I go to a student’s house and work with his family to ensure that the supports we use at school can be used in the home, as well. Two weeks ago, my student was sick with an ear infection, so this week I did 3 home visits. That’s just a lot of extra time that left no time for stitching or blogging.

However, I was able to finish a book that, honestly, I didn’t like very much. (Don’t worry, no spoilers past what’s on the back cover) It’s called The Children’s Hospital, and it’s about a hospital that survives as basically the second Noah’s Arc. Somehow I missed that the author, in addition to being an MD, is studying Theology. I was simply not interested in a lot of the religious/spiritual themes that were running through the book. I also just didn’t care for the fact that alternate chapters were written in the perspective of an Angel. It just wasn’t my kind of book.


In the spirit of this book, though, the needlepoint I will share with you today is one that I really didn’t stitch much of. My mom made this piece for a friend’s baby. I helped her by suggesting/stitching the parts that were not continental, including the wooden boat planks, the vine stitch on the trim of the bear’s shirt, the braided rope, and the beads for the eyes. I think my mom did a fantastic job on the rest of the piece, and I know the family LOVED it!


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