Why of course you’re a girl dragon

So once again I’ve been so intimidated by the scales of my dragon that I started another piece…but just to make this confusing, the other piece I started was a different dragon (my third, if anyone is curious…I’ll post about my first dragon sometime soon).


I picked this up on a trip to visit my brother — and of course when I’m in any new location I have to check out the local needlepoint shops. I saw this 3-piece dragon and was very intruiged by the framing possibilities. The store had a similar piece (though, not a dragon but the loch-ness monster) made into 3 standing pillows that could be displaed on a bar or window sill. I really like this idea, but I’ve also been playing around with the thought of framing all 3 in one large frame, with a mountain drawn into the matte to make it look like the dragon is snaking in and out of a mountain range. Which do you think would be best?

Before started, I realized that I would need to mount the piece on stretcher bars. Now that I live alone, though, I need some help getting the canvas taut on the frame. So I went to Michaels and bought this staple gun for $10.




Now with my canvas affixed to the bars, I was ready to start stitching…but needed a plan. I wracked my brain for ideas for the body, and decided I wanted a pattern that had triangles of some sort in it to mimick scales. Instead of reinventing the wheel like I usually do, I broke out a needlepoint stitch book that I picked up about a year ago. The book is called “A New Look at Needlepoint,” which makes me laugh because it was published in 1972. I found it at a used book sale for $1. It has a lot of simple stitch diagrams that are probably available for free on the internet now, but it’s nice to have one place to go to look for inspiration. I chose the pattern called “Rickrack” It’s basically 4 overlapping zigzags, which are readily apparently when stitched in different colors. I’m excited to see what type of pattern will emerge when I stitch it all in the same color. So far, I’ve started with the main zigzag, and have only filled in one diamond with the minor lines, so I can’t tell quite yet.

I also stitched a vine stitch on the boarders. I loved the clean, curved line that this stitch produces, and it has quickly become a favorite of mine.


2 Responses to Why of course you’re a girl dragon

  1. Hil says:

    Great idea for the scales…I think this is going to turn out really well.

  2. Justin says:

    From the layman’s perspective, looks like a great start! As for your question,I’d like to see how the dragon would look winding it’s way though a mountain. It would add some contrast plus I think it’d look great! Heh, if it were me with that staple gun, my canvas would look like it made a thin, metal frame rather than the judicious use of staples seen in your picture.

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