Back to the beginning

Well, today is my one month blog-iversary!

I decided for this post I should go back to the beginning and share my first dragon. If I remember correctly, this was a birthday present from my parents, and the first needlepoint I ever completed. I have had a fascination for dragons for as long as I can remember (definitely influenced by my brother’s love of dragons as well), so when I found this piece I knew I had to do it.


I remember being scared to start, so I picked a small area to work first – the rocks. Then, I worked on the dragon. The last part I did was the sky, which I was so motivated to finish that I completed it in 2 days.

A few years later when I wanted to do another dragon, I remembered that the artist had quite a few that I chose from when I picked up this piece. However, after what we thought was exhaustive searching, my mom and I gave up trying to find this artist and I chose this to be my next dragon quest. I’m still working on that piece, as well as this dragon.

Today, I FINALLY found the artist that created my first dragon. Liz Dillon is the artist I can think for my renewed interest in needlepoint back in high school. Although I remember many dragons to choose from years ago, she still displays my dragon and one other on her website. Additionally, the other dragon, Nightime Dragon Pillow is available on ebay! Although I’m tempted to buy this, I’m going to pass it up this time.

My dragon is prominently displayed above my computer, and is the first thing you see when you walk into my apartment!

Here’s to many more months blogging and many more dragons

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