Happy Mother’s Day!

(for those of you who, like my mom, read the ends of books first, here is a picture of the finished project I will be talking about today)

house finished

.Today we celebrated Mother’s Day for the third time (taking Mom out last Sat, dinner with my grandmother and family on Friday, and now today!) My family met for lunch at my grandmother’s assisted living facility, where they held a nice brunch for us all. Though the food left something to be desired, the company was great.

While I was there, I was FINALLY about to snap some photos of the other needlepoint my grandmother and I stitched together. This was the last piece she purchased before she got sick, and she had not started it.

Although I didn’t snap  true “before” picture, here is one pretty early on in the process. Please note that this picture was taken through my iMac, so it’s mirror image and blurry.

Photo 18

While the quality is not the best, I did take pictures in small intervals while I was stitching this piece, so (if this works right) the gallery below will show the progression

As you can see, I took a lot of liberaties with patterns and colors. I know I changed a lot, but I love the colors of the final product. I’m a huge fan of blues and purples, so the chairs and pillows now suit my tastes a little better.

house finished

And of course a few close-ups. I tried to make a tile-like design in the floor. The table cloth is a gorgeous over-dyed thread that was really fun to work with.

bottom left closeup

And here you can see the French Knot flowers (my first time trying a French Knot!), the textured walls, blue and green over-dyed vase, and the most important CK MK in the corner sky.

top left closeup

My grandmothers has been found in her room looking at this picture, so like to think that means she approves of how I finished her piece 🙂


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