About Face

dragon3 head 051709

I started the head of the dragon a few days ago. As you can see in this picture, I did a vine stitch around the body and to outline the head. I used the medium blue around the body and under the head, the dark blue for the facial features, and the medium wrapped with the dark for the top of the head. I continued the rickrack pattern through the body, and the horn is a simple continental. My current plan is to stitch the ear in long stitches going bottom R to top L (backwards), then do the face in continental. The spikes will be the same as in the tail. Still not sure about the eyelashes or underbelly, but hopefully that will come to me while I stitch the other parts.

In other news, I joined the American Needlepoint Guild. I absolutely cannot wait until their next cyberworkshop opens up. It will be my first workshop like that, and as you know, I love hearts!

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