I am so touched by the thoughtful response I received from Chilly Hollow Needlepoint. I saw on her blog that she added fingers to her adorable Golden Rabbit using a bullion stitch. This stitch is one of the ones that has been plaguing me for my second dragon, as it’s in my stitch guide but I can’t figure out how to get it right. I posted a comment asking for tips on the bullions and she thoughtfully replied back with some suggestions. Then this morning I was blown away by her long, detailed post with several tips for bullions. I am completely floored by her response to my questions. Thanks so much!!!! I will definitely be practicing my bullions this weekend!

dragon3 head 052409

I’ve been working on the head portion of my dragon in 3 parts. Since last time, I’ve stitched the ear (satin stitch) and the face (continental). I also stitched the eye in a black satin stitch. I covered over the dot the artist had left in the middle of the eye and plan on adding a bead later. I haven’t picked out the bead yet, but there’s a wonderful beading store in town that I look forward to visiting!

dragon3 head 052409 close

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

One Response to Wow!

  1. Chillyhollow says:

    Don’t be surprised I finally found you. After all, the stitching world is pretty small. TNNA did a survey about a year ago and thinks there are 75,000 needlepointers in the U.S. You’ll run into each and every one eventually.

    Thanks for the nice compliment but I’ve received a lot of help over the years and it was just payback time when you needed bullions help.

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