Melts in your mouth

First, the mouth of the dragon…

dragon3 head 061209

Since my last update, I’ve stitched the dark blue of the belly and the spikes both in a simple continental stitch. I started to stitch the belly in Flair, only to realize that what I had was a skein of blue Flair, but the white I had was Frosty Rays. I’m still trying to figure out all of the different varieties from Rainbow Gallery, but I now know that Frosty Rays are like Flair, but have a strand of Tiara metallic running throgh it. This means that while it gives a similar shimmer and has the same outer texture, it lays a lot higher on the canvas. They are NOT interchangeable. My plan tomorrow is to go to my new LNS to pick up white Flair so I can do the belly, eyelash, and…gill?

dragon3 head 061209 horizontal

Next, the mouth of the Micks.

Ever since I saw the first commercial for M&Ms Strawberried Peanut Butter, I’ve been a girl on a mission. I am a sucker for any sort of new food (just ask my mom about our search for a Brach’s candy that was advertised but never came out in stores!). So, last week I went out to several different grocery/convenience stores to try to find them with no success, but today I came out victorious!!! In fact, not only did I find the M&Ms, but I also found yellow Snickers. I hadn’t heard of them before this trip, and I have no idea if they are supposed to taste different, but I figured I’d better scoop them up when I had the opportunity


Obviously, I had to break into the Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms right away


Verdict: I’m glad I tried them, but I wouldn’t get them again. They definitely have a strawberry flavor to them, though interestingly it was not the peanut butter that was strawberried, but the chocolate (yes, I really did dissect them to find out). I just don’t think the strawberry flavor added much to the candy – I’ll stick with regular peanut butter M&Ms when my candy craving hits again.

Happy Friday everyone!!! Only one more week before my (7 day) summer break begins!

One Response to Melts in your mouth

  1. Mom says:

    So glad this wasn’t a repeat of the Brachs Rocks. The Dragon looks great. Spoke with Carol at U-Frame it, who is looking forward to framing this one.

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