Mario’s Stash

On Saturday, I took an early morning trip to my LNS to pick up the Flair I needed for my Dragon. Of course, I ended up coming home with materials for another project as well…

Last week, I acquired a color printer/scanner from my aunt and uncle because they were cleaning out their surplus printers. I’ve been surviving the past few months without a printer, so I am very excited! The first thing that came to mind was, of course, new needlepoint projects. I have seen several people adapt images into needleworks, and now I finally had the opportunity to try it myself.

First, I printed a piece of graph paper that was close to 18 lines/inch. Then, I printed my image on top of the graph. Of course, my image was MARIO!!!

project supplies

Next, I started the painstaking process of translating the image onto blank 18mesh canvas I picked up at my LNS. I made a few guidelines both on the image and on the blank canvas at every 10 lines just to help myself along while translating. While the whole process took a while, it really wasn’t very difficult. The fact that this picture has nice, clear, black borders definitely helped me out a lot. This took a few hours, but I did i most of it while watching the Yanks trounce the Mets (Why oh why did I go to the one game that was rainy and the Yankees lost???)

mario translated

Finally, I took a Sharpie and colored over the black borders, and some of the sections. I bought a brown Sharpie for this project, too, but I think the brown is going to look to similar to the black so I’ll hold off on coloring that in for now and see how well the threads cover before I decide what I’m going to do about it.

sharpie drawingcolored in.








.I’m very excited to start stitching the piece…and about the possibilities my printer will open up for me!

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