O Camera

Going back to word today meant 2 things. (1) I woke up way too early this morning, and (2) I have my camera back!!!

Of course I would love to show you the finished Mario, but he’s off at the framers. I can, however, show you pics of the finished Dragon3 Head, and the tiny bit of work I’ve done on the belly.

dragon3 head finished 070109

Since I last shared, I stitched the belly, eyelashes, “gil,” and “webbing.” These sections were all relatively difficult for me, as I stitched and restitched them all in the fever-induced fog. First, I tried stitching them with Frosty Rays and Flair. Then I realized they were not the same and went out to replace my white Frosty Rays with white Flair, only to discover that my LNS was out of white Flair, so I picked up grey Flair. I decided that the color worked just fine for me, but the texture of the threads were still wrong. Then, while looking through my stash, I discovered a beautiful 1/16″ Ribbon from Kreinik that was white with a hint of blue running through it – color 194 (I think this is leftover from a small Christmas ornament that I made for a guy I dated 6 years ago.).  I couldn’t have found anything more perfect if I had searched for it.

dragon3 head finished close 070109

With my new/very old thread in hand, I stitched the belly in a long satin stitch, the eyelashes also in long satin stitches, but these were all angled to follow the curve of the lashes. The “gil” (still don’t know exactly what this section is) is stitched in a brick stitch over 4 when horizontal or vertical and over 3 when on a diagonal. Last, I stitched the dark blue “webbing” between the spikes in a stitch I “made up” but is actually a weaving stitch. I really don’t like the way it shows up in the pictures, but in real life it looks like a real woven area.

dragon3 middle 070109

I also started the middle, but I haven’t gotten far with it yet. This piece isn’t going to be too exciting, though, as all of the stitches will be the same as those used in the head and tail.

Of course, some of you may wonder why I say I’m done with the head and the tail when I haven’t stitched any background yet. Well, this is because I don’t know what I’m going to do with the background. As Janet from Nuts about Needlepoint points out, you have think about how you are going to finish your piece when you stitch the backgrounds. I am still thinking about framing these 3 pieces in one large frame, with a mountain separating them. I am also still considering finishing them as pillows. I’m also open to other suggestions if you have any! To make sure my ideas are possibilities and that I stitch an appropriate background for my as yet TBD finishing, I’m am going to go to a frame store that I really trust to have a little consultation on Friday. I am very excited to share my piece with the woman who runs the store and hear her exciting ideas for how to finish it!

But…if you have any suggestions for how to finish this piece, please let me know!

3 Responses to O Camera

  1. Dena Lenham says:

    Wow! Gorgeous! So eye catching with the metallics. Glad you had that Kreinik color on hand – it really works well. Please post a photo on our Facebook page – Kreinik Manufacturing Company – when you’re finished. You will inspire so many stitchers!

  2. Micks says:

    Thanks Dena! I will definitely post when I’m done…whenever that may be!

  3. joselio man says:

    ..///would u kind ti come …close to writ….thanks like that …..///-||-|\\!!!!!

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