Pipe Dreams

My burgers were met with rave reviews from my coworkers, students, and friends. I’m glad everyone enjoyed them so much! They were so much fun to make!!!

Now, back to our originally scheduled needlepoint. I’ve been working on making a dent in my stack of books to read, so I haven’t  made much progress on my Dragon3. So today, I will share with you another older needlepoint. This piece has been the banner of my blog, but I haven’t shared it in detail yet. I call it pipes because I think the blue areas look like a pipe maze.


I stitched this piece during the summer before my senior year of college, and I believe it was the first time I used silk. Although the price of silk is a lot higher than cotton threads, there really is a reason for it. I loved working in silk! I had a lot of fun choosing threads at the needlepoint shop, but I do remember arguing with the woman who worked in the shop about a color change I wanted to make. The outline of the blue pipes in original painting was brown. I don’t like the color brown much, and I didn’t think it added to the piece. I wanted to switch it to a grey, and the woman really fought me over this idea. Well, I won the fight (it is my piece, right?) and I love the way the grey gives a subtle depth to the piece. I still believe brown would have stood out far too much.

I stitched the quilted boxes in the middle first (while watching the first season of 24 in one weekend). I don’t know about you, but for me there is nothing better than finishing off a color in a piece and putting the leftovers away in stash. What a sense of accomplishment!


It definitely took me a while to complete the large black background, but I really like the finished look. The background is over 4, then over 2 (centered in the 4). On one level I made the stitches horizontal, then vertical in the next level.

My pipes currently hang above my couch in the living room and look great!

(Anyone else notice that the bottom right corner of my pictures seem blurry? Any suggestions?)

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