Yesterday, I invited some coworkers over to have lunch and play video games, but they were much more interested in decorating my apartment. Far be it from me to object finally having my needlepoints hung!

In the living room, we put the one non-needlepoint up on the large wall. This piece is a Crystal Kinetics Heart by Jeff Johnson that I received from a cousin for my undergrad graduation. As  you can see, from different points in the room, this piece looks different. I like that as you enter the apartment, you can see the piece changing.

apt centerapt leftapt right

Next we hung my Pipes and the City in the kitchen area. My coworkers placed them on the opposite hooks (the City above the bookcase), but I changed it after they left because the City just seemed too small for that large wall. I can always switch it back…any suggestions?

apt kitchen

We placed the Butterfly on the wall next to the front door. The colors in that piece work very nicely with the light blue blanket I have on my couch.

apt entrance

The fish are in the hallway on the way to the bathroom, and they nicely hide my eyesore of a breaker box.

apt door1

Finally, we placed the small hearts on either side above the doorframe. I like how this looks, but from a needlepointers standpoint, it bothers me that my fancy stitches are too high up to be admired. They might stay here, and they might move. I’ll have to think about it some more

My clock is hanging up in the kitchen. After my long search for a clock I don’t hate, I’m so happy I found this one!

apt clock

I still have my dragon, sunset, and Thai cross stitch to hang up. My coworkers are trying to convince me to rearrange my bedroom, so they didn’t want to hang anything up yet. I don’t think they’ll win that battle, so hopefully I’ll get those pictures up soon.

For those of you who are interested, for lunch we made fantastic paninis. I had a choices of turkey, ham, brie, chipotle cheddar, apple, lettuce, tomato, vinegar, mustard, and mayo for people to create their own sandwiches. I made 2 half sandwiches — one with turkey and cheddar, and one with brie, apple, and fig vinegar. Nothing beats a brie, apple, and vinegar sandwich. YUM

And for dessert – vegan chocolate chip cookies. Oh so good, and oh so glad I gave the leftovers away at game night last night. Those are so dangerously delicious.

Note: the picture quality here is not looking so great. Do I need a better camera or better lighting?

3 Responses to Decorating

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi Micki,

    Now it will start to look like your home!

    Love the trivet. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

  2. aANDpAtoPia says:

    How do we follow you?? I can’t figure it out, there’s no follow button?

  3. Micks says:

    Pri, I use Google Reader to follow blogs. In Firefox (not sure about other browsers) you can click the RSS button next to the address bar and add me that way. You could also just search in Google Reader for Mickstitch.

    Hope that helps!

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