I slayed the dragon!

Finally, I finished stitching the body of my Dragon3! I finished up the middle section a few days ago.

dragon3 middle finished 92609

So putting it all together…

dragon3 all finished 92609

Now, you may remember that I have plans to frame this piece with the 3 parts in one large blue matte with arch-shaped cutouts. My framer will also make a mountain out of mattes to explain why the dragon is in 3 parts. So, layed out with the mattes that she cut for me to use to visualize the piece…

dragon3 all finished with matte 92609

But now, I need a BACKGROUND! I’ve been struggling to come up with a stitch idea for this for a while. At my LNS, I picked up 2 new Krienik threads to try, #4 Braid (very thin) and a blending filament (very very very thin) in 032 (sparkly white). The woman there thought that the dragon was an ice dragon, so suggested that I stitch the background with this icy-thread. I’ve tried stitching random long diagonal (top L to bottom R) stitches, alternating between the 2 threads. It looks pretty good, but I’m not completely sold on that idea. I’m going to try it again and photograph it this time, but until then, if anyone else had stitch ideas, let me know!

One Response to I slayed the dragon!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi Micki,

    I don’t have a stitch idea but you might want to make up your own. Since he’s an “Ice” dragon how about stitching a more angular/diamond shape bargello type stitch for the background. This would look like icy mountains that he is moving between. Check your stitch books to see if there is anything that would work. If not, just doodle and make up your own stitch.

    The other option that I can think of quickly is to do a diamond type stitch but turn it so it is point up.

    I would recommend using the Kreinik #4 braid as opposed to the blending filament. I love blending filament but I think it’s going to give you fits on an open weave background such as you are doing. How about using Accentuate instead of blending filament. It would be thinner than the #4 braid but is a bit sturdier.

    The other option would be to check out what is available in sewing threads.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide on using. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

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