Cabin Progess – 1

I started the Heart of the Cabin yesterday. I did the center part of the first two blocks, and then the first 3 logs. It’s been a lot of fun working with different threads and new stitches, and I’m only just beginning!

100309 - far away

For the first log, I used Rachel and Frosty Rays. Though the stitch guide called for Flair, the color I picked out just didn’t work. I was able to use some Frosty Rays I had from another project and I love the color. This thread doesn’t have the smooth finish that the Flair does, but it actually gives a nice contrast to the flair, and I love the color combo.

Threadworx, the overdyed used in the second log, was also a ton of fun to work with. I really like the color change, and the thread is super-soft. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it just felt nice to work with.

The third log was worked in Renaisance. It was supposed to be alternating blocks between Pure & Simple and Sprinkles. I apparently only picked up 1 type of thread, which was shimmer. Although I like the look of it, it wasn’t the most fun to work with. This thread was very slippery! But, it’s worth the pain for the effect the thread gives the stitch.

100309 - close up

Next up, my first log with beading…but I’m a little confused as to what thread to use when stringing the beads. I’ll have to contact the list for advice before I move on!

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