Block 1

Well that was quick! I finished Block 1.

block1 - 100609 - finished

The second half of the block used the dark threads. That will become a theme in this piece, as half of each block is light and half is dark.

In terms of materials, this time I got to play with floss, silk, metalics, overdyes, and beads.

In the small log, the corner is a Rice Stitch. Ironically, my friend pointed this stitch out from a book a few days ago and said that she loved it. I thought it was nice, but commented that I couldn’t imagine where I would ever use it…well, here it is! And I like it!

As for the beading, I love the look of it, but it was definitely a pain when I tried to stitch the surrounding logs afterward. I think from now on I’ll wait and stitch the beads at the end of the piece (as difficult as it will be for me to wait!)

I started Block 2 tonight…I’ll post pics later, but for now I must say that Kreinik cord may be my new favorite needlepoint product!

3 Responses to Block 1

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi Micki,

    It’s looking great so far!

    Thanks for the close up picture.

    I’m planning on drawing my canvas this weekend since I have three days off!

    I’m still collecting/ordering threads so I’ll probably start with the centers first.

    Would it help if you stitch the beading on each block after completing that block before moving on to the next? That way you won’t have to stitch all of the beading at the end. Just a thought. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

  2. Dena Lenham says:

    Looks really good so far!

  3. Micks says:

    Thanks for the compliments!

    Cynthia, I’ve been thinking about the beading issue. right now, I’m working on Block 2, and the beads are still a little annoying to work with on the adjacent logs. I think I might be okay with doing the beading if I’m 1 or 2 blocks over, but at that point I might as well wait until the end. That way, I can also play with the colors of the beads a little better (I had to switch them all up because the shop was out of the suggested ones, and because I switched to purples)

    ❤ M

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