Mystery Project

Yesterday, I stopped by a new needlepoint shop to pick up some materials. I went to The Status Thimble in Burlingame, which BY FAR has the best name I have ever heard! The store itself was very very nice. The walls were completely covered in beautifully painted canvases. They had a large array of both Halloween and Christmas canvases, as well as other non-holiday options. These included a version of the butterfly I did years ago in a different color palate. I will definitely go back there when I want a new painted canvas!

Yesterday, however, I did not pick up a painted canvas. Instead, I found the materials I needed to make a Mystery Project. This project will remain a mystery for the next 2 months, because I intend for it to be a gift for someone who may stumble upon the blog ;-). However, my hint is that is it from Needlepointers. I made a few slight color changes to fit my (and the intended recipient’s) taste.

threads and canvas

The canvas is 24 mesh congress cloth in white with flecks of silver running through. I had seen this online before, and am so excited to use it! I also have a few Krienik’s in there, and the rest is DMC. Oh yes, Floss and Perl Cotton…but also MEMORY THREAD.

Memory thread is another new item I have been wanting to try. It is a copper wire wrapped with fiber: in this case a metallic silver. It is best used for needlework couched down onto the top of the canvas. I’ve never couched before, either, so this will be quite an adventure.

In other news: lesson 2 of the Hearts of the Cabin was released this morning. I plan on attacking that soon, but the mystery project is my new #1. I have all month to finish my lesson 🙂

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