Back to the Cabin

After finishing up my mystery project, I set back to work on the Hearts of the Cabin. Lesson 2 came out on Nov 1, but I’ve just started. I know this is a course for fun, but I hate falling behind on my homework. Coupled with the fact that I’m going to be out of town this weekend, I think I might not finish in time for the next lesson. But, I have to keep reminding myself that this is just for fun, and its OKAY if I’m behind schedule.


I have finished 1/4 of this lesson – the light 1/2 of block 5.

block 5 - light

The outer log is stitched with ThreadworX and Splendor. I am still in love with the Threadworx overdyed. In this log, both of the overdyed threads I used were very suble in their color change (the blue and pink/purple in this case). The inner log also used a ThreadworX overdyed thread, and you can clearly see that this one has a more dramatic color change. This part was stitched with a cashmere stitch, and I really like how the simple stitch is accentuated by the color change in the floss.

The middle log uses floss and Kreinik. The Double Star Mosaic stitch was really fun and I like the effect of it a lot, but it took a deceptively long time to stitch! But, I think it was definitely worthwhile, and I will be looking for places to use this stitch in the future.This log also calls for a bead to be placed in the center of each color block, but I learned my lesson last time and will not be stitching that bead until the end of the piece.

Here it is a little closer up.

block 5 - light zoom


And now a little further away so you can see the whole piece up to this point.

block 5 - light total


I think I’m off to check out a new needlepoint shop in my quest to go to all of the shops in the area. Also, there was one set of threads that I didn’t pick up for the project, so I need a couple more.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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