Space for Baby

Long time no blog!

Sorry for that hiatus. I spend 2.5 weeks with my family in NJ, and actually didn’t stitch at all there. I was planning on working on a few of my mom’s WIP, but instead I read A LOT! Every year my dad (and before him my grandparents) gives me a bag of books. Although they are plentiful, they usually last only a few weeks. I worked as hard as I could to read them before heading back to CA. It was a tough job, but I loved every minute. I still have a few more to go, but reading helped make my luggage just a bit lighter.

The other reason I haven’t stitched much is because I was waiting for THIS to arrive

Friends of mine told me over break that they are having a baby!!!!! Well, my first thought was “YAY!!!!!” and my second thought was “I have to make a needlepoint!”

They chose this piece – Space with Borders by Alice Peterson.

I ordered it right away and it finally arrived on Saturday. I was very patient and waited until Sunday to go to my LNS. I picked out these threads:

I picked out mostly Perl cotton (for speed and ease), accented with Kreinik metallics, Threadworx overdyed floss, Flair and Frosty Rays (my nemisis, but they are so nice after stitching is complete), Arctic Rays (for clouds!), and Silk Lame Braid (new to me, but so stoked to work with it!)

I started this project with our home planet – the Earth in the corner, working with the green and blue Threadworx floss. I started working the green in basketweave, but I didn’t like the diagonal lines the overdyed was making. So, I pulled that out and reworked it using 3 strands of floss in one orientation and 3 strands in the opposite orientation. This make the color changes look much more natural. I stitch the blue in continental with all 6 strands in one direction. I love the look of the water!

One thing I learned from this is the difference between basketweave and continental in terms of coverage. Wow! When I hold it up, the basketweave has very little light coming through, whereas I can see small wholes in the continental. I think I’m a basketweave convert now.

Okay, back to stitching!

2 Responses to Space for Baby

  1. Melinda says:

    This is a great canvas! I am eager to see how it progresses. Have fun stitching this playful canvas … and congratulations to your friends 😉

  2. Cynthia says:


    You are going to love the Silk Lame Braid.

    The new canvas is so cute! What a fun canvas for a little baby.

    Windy Meadow

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