We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocketship

As a pre-school teacher last year, I was introduced to a lot of new children’s television programs. I watched several of them to know what my students liked and how to talk to them about the show. Many of these shows were painful to watch (read: Yo Gabba Gabba). Little Einsteins, however, was actually quite well done. The title of this post comes from their theme song, and I definitely recommend this show to any parents looking for interesting television for their little ones that won’t make them want to pull their hair out (read: Yo Gabba Gabba).

So, back to rocket ships. When we last left off, I was trying to figure out how to get the buttonhole stitch to work around the window. Before attempting again, I remembered the lesson from this month’s Cyberpointers meeting, which was on Hilton Stitches. I decided to try my hand at the Jessica stitch.

First try:

Then I realized that it would be very difficult to get the blue underneath all of that stitching, so I ripped it out and tried again.

Take 2:

It’s not a perfect Jessica, and I know I made a few mistake on the last section where you have to tuck your new stitches under your old stitches, but I think it looks pretty good.

I also added the buttons and fire trail to the rocket. The only thing left now are the wings, and I think I’ll wait and stitch them later (padded satin stitch maybe?).

My last bit of progress was on the shooting star. The darker blue metallic is the Silk Lame Braid. It’s very easy to work with, but for some reason my scissors did not enjoy cutting it.

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, Zooming through the sky… Little Einsteins
Climb aboard, get ready to explore There’s so much to find, Little Einsteins.
We’re going on a mission, start the countdown 5, 4, 3,2,1

4 Responses to We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocketship

  1. Cynthia says:


    The Jessica around the port hole looks great! The whole rocket looks great! Those wings will be a lot of fun to stitch and I like the idea of padded satin or how about a slanted stitch to show the angle of the wings? So many ideas and you can only use one! LOL!

    The shooting star looks good. I usually use regular scissors to cut my metallic threads or you can always pick up a pair of scissors that are designed to cut metallics the next time you are at your LNS. Yep, a little shopping enablement. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

  2. Yoyo says:

    Oh good for you. Jean Hilton did so many beautiful stitches, if you get a chance try some more. This is not exactly the one I remember being called Jessica, but whatever it’s name, it worked beautifully on your rocketship! You are doing a lovely job on this one. Most of us have a separate pair of scissors for metallic threads as they cause knicks in your good embroidery scissors, just grab some utility scissors like Cynthia said. I just keep a small pair of blue handled fiscars-type scissors close so I can find them quickly and am not tempted to use my good scissors on metallics.

    Ok, so I got a comment on my blog where mentioned you thought you had joined the TUSAL, but I looked and didn’t find a previous comment, so I have no idea what happened to that. I’ll certainly put you in now, but in order to be qualified for the end of year prizes you must leave a comment on this page. I’m sorry to ask you to go do it again, but keeping all the names on the same blog post saved me twice last year, once when my computer died and then again when I got a new one a few months later.

    And while you are there, please give me a hint where I can put the pin in my map. You don’t have to give the exact town if you live in a small town, I don’t myself, but the closest big city, or ‘southern CA’ or something like that will be very helpful.

    Thanks bunches and I am sorry I missed you the first time around. Hope you will enjoy our Totally Useless Endeavor….oh, and BTW, grab the TUSAL button from my sidebar if you like.


  3. Micks says:

    Thanks for the scissor tips everyone. When I went to my LNS last weekend I picked up a pair of Dovo scissors for my non-metallics (I was warned to not even think about cutting metallics with a good scissor). I also picked up a cheap pair of scissors for the metallics and cutting is going much better now.


  4. missions trip…

    […]We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocketship « MickStitch[…]…

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