Sun, Comet, Universe…

Since my last post, I’ve been busy working on the border of the Space-With-Borders needlepoint.

I stitched all of the words in perl cotton, then added the highlighting in the metallic threads.

The corner pieces I stitched with long stitches, leaving the center blank. I’m thinking of adding beads here at the end of the piece.

For the boxes in between the words, I used french knots for the center color.

Left to do:

  • Background on the border
  • Background in center of the piece
  • Sun (w/beads)
  • Clouds (w/fuzzy thread)
  • And maybe the stars…

I’m thinking of taking the stars out of the piece. All of my attempts so far to stitch them have come out not to my liking. Any suggestions on how to stitch the stars?

Sorry for the brevity on this post — I have to finish packing, and then I’m off to one more day of work, then a vacation 🙂 WHEEEEEE

2 Responses to Sun, Comet, Universe…

  1. Chillyhollow says:

    Enjoy your vacation. I don’t know what stitches you’ve tried for the stars, but how about totally filling the star centers with beads? You can use a few long stitches in metallic thread to outline the star shapes, then just do beads in the centers.

  2. The nobuko stitch is a great stitch for stars.
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

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