Here comes the sun

I have not been able to get the classic Beatles’ tune out of my head since I started beading the sun. Hopefully that is all over now, because I FINISHED THE SUN!!!

I also completed the beading in the corner blocks.

I first tried adding 1 yellow bead to the 4 ends of the + and an orange in the middle, but I didn’t like that:

So instead I strung 6 yellow beads onto the thread at a time and created a loop. I secured the loop in place to make a nice circle of yellow. I then added the center orange bead. Lucky for me, adding the orange bead pushed the yellow into a very nice circular shape. I’m happy with how this turned out.

All that’s left is a little bit of background. I may even finish tomorrow. WOW!

2 Responses to Here comes the sun

  1. TMecklenborg says:

    Ooh, I like how the ring of beads came out there.

  2. Micks says:

    Thanks!! I think it’s much better than my original plan. Gotta be flexible sometimes!

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