It’s still January, right?

Way back when, I was taking the ANG Cyberworkshop “Heart of the Cabin” with Susan Chaleff. I was doing great, keeping up to date on all of the monthly assignments. Then I went home for the holidays in December. During that time, I found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant, and thus I had not picked this piece back up until yesterday, when I finished the December assignment. So, it’s still January, right?

Here is block 7, which I finished before leaving for winter break in December:

When I stitched block 8, log 4, I finished up one skein of DMC 122 and started another. Strangely, because they were all purchased at the same time, the first one I opened was a slightly different color than the 3 I had yet to open. I was not at all pleased at the change in color, but luckily after stitching the curtains you can’t really tell.

Color change:

Block 8:

Lessons 1-3:

One Response to It’s still January, right?

  1. germana says:

    Wonderfull work! but where can i buy the pattern?
    thanks for giving me information. bye bey you’re great

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