The New Stadium


Last summer I had a Friday night partial season ticket plan to Yankee Stadium, and I have to say it was the BEST part of living in Harlem. 20 min from my door to the Stadium. Beautiful. This year, I’m living a little farther away so I didn’t get season tickets. I was, however, able to get tickets for 2 games in the pre-sale. Last Sunday I went to my first game in the new Yankee Stadium. IT IS GORGEOUS!!! The stadium just gives off a bright and airy  feel to it. The Great Hall, which was honestly a bit of a disappointment to me because it was much smaller than I thought it would be (it only extends around home plate, and I had in my mind that it went around the whole ballpark and was the main place to go for food, etc), but it did have fantastic sky-lights which allowed the sun to shine right through.


The consession stands were pretty awesome. I had the eggplant parm sub, and it’s AMAZING! I definitely recommend it for anyone going to the Stadium. One of the new things about this stadium compared to the old stadium is that the concession area is open to the ballpark. While this is supposed to give an open feel and allow spectators to see the game while they are getting food, I found it actually to be a bit of a drawback. Mid-game, I went out to get some Carvel from a cart. The cart was far enough away that you couldn’t see the game, but apparently too close to warrant a TV or radio, so I felt like a missed a good chunk of the game waiting in line for ice cream – but my cousin, who went for a pretzel, reported back to me that the consession booths have TVs and so she didn’t miss anything (but her pretzel was sub-par).

Another part of the Stadium that has been highly talked up by the media is the scoreboard, and it definitely does not dissapoint! The big scoreboard is HUGE. But, more importantly, it’s as clear as can be.


Yeah, that Yankees graphic is the scoreboard and the Delta ad is printed. You can’t tell the different. The scoreboard was also great about showing replays, so if you miss anything good for the Yanks, you can see it over and over (but…they don’t show replays about the other team, which was a little frustrating on close plays)

All in all, I give the new stadium and A+. The fact that the Yanks won didn’t hurt, either


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