Imagine that…

I’ve actually been stitching a lot in the past week. I stitched the belly of the dragon 3 times, before I decided to switch my thread/technique. I stitched the eyelashes twice before I decided to switch my threads/technique. I stitched the gils and got em right the first time. And I’ve been working away at Mario, finishing the blue, yellow, and both browns. Unfortunately, I left my camera and work and it will live there until July 1. See, we go on our 1-week summer break tomorrow at 1pm. I, however, started my break around 1 today because I have a fever. One of my students has had a fever for a few days now, and I’m not optimistic about my health over the next few days. Therefore, I will probably be stitching a lot but I won’t be able to share it with you. I might take a few shots through the camera in the computer, but they are low quality (and mirror image).

So in the meantime, use your imagination 🙂

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