___ with Border

Well, my Space with Border piece now has a completed border!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. It has been a busy few weeks: getting ready for a cruise, going on a cruise, and catching up with work and life after a cruise. But boy was that cruise fun!

We had a week-long break from school for “mid-winter recess,” something I never had growing up but that I love as a teacher now! Over that week, I spent the first weekend with my brother, sister-in-law, and parents at my brother’s place. We had a great time, most of which we spent looking for baby furniture! And yes, the “friends” having a baby are actually my brother and sister-in-law. I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now can you see why I dropped all other projects to get working on this one? 🙂 YAY!

Then, my mom and I went on a 7-day cruise to Mexico. We had an amazing time — snorkeling, riding ATVs, hiking, shopping, gambling, and reading out by the pool. It was our first cruise, and we will both be going back soon (actually, in April for me!). The only thing I didn’t do on the cruise was needlepoint.

So, since I’ve returned I have been working hard on the Space with Borders piece for my NIECE!!! I finished the outer border, stitching the stark white canvas with light blue. I really like how this softens up the piece. I also started working on the background. It was difficult to find a background stitch that would be interesting (and quick!) but not overwhelm some of the smaller planets. I definitely compromised with the size of the stitch so it will take a little bit longer, but I like how subtle it is.

I can’t wait to finish the background and get going on the fun embellishments (Saturn’s rings, beading the sun, adding the clouds…)

Also, I can’t wait to meet my niece in a few months!

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