Okay, I’m ready for the baby now!

Now that my needlepoint is completed, I’m ready for the baby to come! I know it’s going to be another 3 months, but I can’t wait to meet my niece!

Here is the finished needlepoint. I’m very happy with how it turned out:

Space with Borders from Alice Peterson:

Here is the before picture for comparison:

I’m flying down to visit my brother a week from tomorrow, so I look forward to getting it finished down there!

Now, here comes the tricky part. I usually finish my framed pieces with a glass cover to help preserve them, but I love the textures on this piece. Because I used a number of stitches, beads, and threads, this feels nice if you run your hand over it. I think that a small child might enjoy being able to explore the different textures. But, I also want this piece to last until she (and her potential future siblings or cousins) grows up. What do you think? Frame with glass or without?

3 Responses to Okay, I’m ready for the baby now!

  1. Rick Kaye says:


  2. Micks says:

    Don’t worry Dad. I said “potentially future.” Eventually Rob or I might have a kid…

  3. I notice you asked the ANG email list this question, so I’ll just give you my 2 cents’ worth here. I would leave the glass off. Ordinarily I put glass on my pieces but I live off a dirt road and my house isn’t air conditioned and I have two dogs. So the air here is dusty and there is pet hair around. I glass my pieces to preserve them. However, glass can trap moisture. I’ve seen pieces that are deteriorating in humid climates because the piece could not breathe. I also know that sun fades textiles like NP badly and folks who live in constant strong light always use the glass that protects against UV rays. So using glass to preserve a piece depends.

    Since you want your niece to be able to touch and enjoy this piece, leave the glass off. It may or may not survive well but I like the fact that you stitched this in such a way to give great pleasure to a child. Worn teddy bears that are played with are always treasured more than the one that was always put away to keep it nice.

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